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Is it Possible to Make Your Ex Regret the Breakup? Here is How You Can Make Them Want You Back Fast

Your ex might have broken up with you and could be walking smugly past you with the thought that he/she has made the right decision.
Here are some tips that will wipe that smirk off his/her upturned face, make your ex regret the breakup, and want you back.
Create a void Instead of getting in your ex's face at every possible corner of your neighborhood, create a void by getting out of sight.
Take a well-deserved break from the situation so that your ex starts to think about where you might have vanished.
Ignoring your ex will burst that ego-filled balloon Your ex would be used to seeing you beg for a reunion and once you vanish, return back, and start ignoring him/her then that ego-filled balloon is sure to burst.
Your ex will now get confused and thoughts of insecurity will start creeping into his/her deflated mind.
Live your own life for a change You would have spent your past catering to your ex's wishes and desires.
However, the breakup should now convince you to live your own life for a change.
Start working in an office, working out in a gym, and working over your looks and clothes.
Your ex will only get attracted back to you if you offer an improved version of yourself and feelings of regret are sure to take birth in your ex's mind and heart.
Move ahead of your ex You now need to overtake your ex in life, be it by working hard, developing a better body or looking like a million bucks.
Your ex should be left behind gaping towards you as you move on confidently ahead.
This will now convince your ex to start chasing you in a bid to catch you before you truly walk out of his/her life.
Remain open to courtship As other suitors too notice your improved version and chase you, allow yourself to be courted by them.
Once your ex notices that you have begun dating others then he/she will now have to make a move to stop you from slipping out of his/her lonely fingers.
Pretend that you want to settle down again You can now confide in common friends that you would like to settle down again, if not with your ex then another suitor that might be pursuing you.
Your ex will now be faced with a deadline and is sure to ask for a meeting with you.
Get into a new relationship on your terms Once the ego within your ex has been deflated and your actions have forced him/her to run to the negotiation table, remember to set new terms so that history does not repeat itself.
Do not turn into a doormat for your ex ever again and ensure that you get the respect that you deserve when you walk hand-in-hand into the new relationship with your ex.
These tips will change your life and your relationship for good as it will make your ex regret the breakup and chase after you for a reunion.

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