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Numerology - The Meaning of Number 1

Let's make something clear from the outset.
You are not just represented by one number.
When I hear someone say "I am a Numerology number 1", I say "and...
what else?".
Upon further discussion it turns out the person is usually referring to their Numerology Life Path being calculated as being 1.
This is an important number to know, but it is just the beginning.
This article looks at the meaning of the number 1 as it relates to Life Path as well as the Soul Urge and the Expression.
Numerology Life Path Number 1 The Life Path number is also known as the Birth Path number or Birth Force number.
It is calculated from the numbers in your birth date, one of the few things in your life that will never change.
The Life Path number gives insight into the pre-destined route your life is to take.
When we know this number we can work with it rather than against it.
To try and resist this path can only lead to frustration where as to work with it can lead to a fulfilling life.
The Life Path number speaks of the life lessons we are to learn; when we are young we will not likely possess these qualities but as we get older we should look to learn the associated lessons and embody the path set for us.
Numerology Life Path number 1 is to do with lessons of the self, independence and of standing up for one's self.
It is to do with lessons of self-confidence, leadership, assertiveness and ego.
Depending on the double digit cipher that leads to the ultimate calculation of this 1, these lessons may be rooted in various aspects of humanity including but not limited to philanthropy, business, the home or in artistic expression.
Whatever the case, those with Numerology Life Path number 1 will be continually offered the chance to learn to stand on their own two feet and not rely on other people.
Numerology Soul Urge number 1 The Soul Urge number is sometimes just referred to as the Soul Number or maybe the Heart's Desire and it is calculated from the vowels in a persons name.
Vowels represent emotions which, as an aside, is why people with a lot of vowels in their name (e.
Louisa) tend to be rather emotional people.
The Soul number represents our worldly desires, wants and wishes.
These can be buried deep within us and others will not be aware of them unless we share these desires with others.
This energy represents what we would like to achieve in order to be happy.
Numerology Soul Urge number 1 is about people who will ultimately be happy when they are in charge.
They are uncomfortable when forced to follow others or bend to their will.
People with this Soul Urge are happy when they are getting on with things and not dithering.
These people prefer to work by themselves rather than with others.
Do you now understand how important it is to know more than just your Life Path number? Knowing your Soul number can give you insights on what you need to live a happy life.
Knowing your partner's Soul Number can give you insight on how to make them happy.
Numerology Expression number 1 The Expression number is sometimes referred to as the Destiny number and it is calculated using all the letters in the name given at birth.
The Expression number gives a sense of a person's true personality.
The Expression is what you give to the outer world, how the world sees you.
Rather important to understand as, like any number in any numerological calculation, this energy can be expressed positively or negatively.
Perhaps in our personality we have so much potential to focus on the negative that it behoves us to understand these potential pitfalls and do our best to avoid them.
Those with Numerology Expression number 1 can interact with the world as brave leaders, entrepreneurs and confident self-reliant individuals.
They can be the sort of people that always know what to do and will lead from the front.
These are the people that will be able to achieve a lot through taking assertive action.
However, those that give in to the negative side of the 1 energy may present as self-centred, egotistical, selfish bullies who are aggressive and overbearing in their personality.
If you have any of these traits you need to address these and try and find the more constructive positive side of this energy that has been gifted to you.
In closing I should point out that there are other numbers that it is very beneficial to know.
However, this is an article, not a book.
Therefore I have to draw the line somewhere.
From this article my hope is that you will understand that there is so much more complexity behind your Numerology than one single digit number.
Just as there is much more to Astrology than one Sun sign.
You should also have a feel for how the energy of Numerology number 1 manifests itself in three major ways in our life by directing our lessons, our desires or our personality.

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