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Justin Bieber: My World

Love him or hate him, these days, everyone has heard of teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber.
Discovered by renowned New York based music manager Scooter Braun, this wide-eyed Canadian adolescent is only sixteen years old, but has already come out with an album that charted among the top thirty in the world, not to mention two singles that have charted among the top thirty and top ten, respectively.
He is perhaps best known for his catchy single "Baby," which was a worldwide top ten single in January 2010.
Less formally, the young singer is also known for being adored by tween girls everywhere - whatever the older generation may think of him, Bieber is no doubt the object of many a teenybopper's celebrity crush.
He is, for lack of better terminology, a modern day "teen heartthrob.
" Bieber's arguably most popular album, "My World," marked his debut release in November of 2009, and was impressively enough, certified as platinum in the United States.
More recently, it has been announced that Bieber will be releasing a collection series including some of the greatest hits from his albums "My World," "My World 2.
0," and the relatively new "My World Acoustic.
" The tracks on the most recent of these have met with favourable reactions.
Although Bieber's work showcases little variation in his musical style, that very style has also cultivated a loyal fan base.
The R&B and pop, featuring the young singer's relatively high-pitched, easy to listen to vocals, is without a doubt, quite catchy.
Some of the songs featured in Justin Bieber's "My World" collection album include brand new acoustic renderings of Bieber favourites such as "One Time," "That Should Be Me," "Down to Earth," "U Smile," "Baby," "Stuck in the Moment," "One Less Lonely Girl," and a live performance of "Favorite Girl.
" Additionally, Bieber releases a brand new number entitled "Pray.
" The collection album has garnered relatively favourable attention, and for good reason, as it provides a slightly new twist on old crowd pleasers.
Many of his loyal fans praise Bieber's "dulcet sounds," and melodic, high pitched range, and enjoy the new acoustic style featured.
However, some of his audience also criticises Bieber's sound for being too "young," or having an overly feminine quality to it.
Yet those very characteristics are also what endear him to the adoring majority of his music fans.
Some critics have even gone so far as to describe Bieber, based on the work showcased on his My World collection as "well of natural artistic talent," and predict that he will be a force to be reckoned with throughout the music industry as he grows and matures as an artist and individual.
Teen sensation Justin Bieber is set to tour down under, the Justin Bieber concert series will start on the 26th of April at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and will be performing in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.
Here are the dates and locations for the Justin Bieber tour shows in 2011.
April 26 - Entertainment Centre, Brisbane April 28 - Acer Arena, Sydney May 2 - Laver Arena, Melbourne May 5 - Entertainment Centre, Adelaide May 7 - Burswood Dome, Perth

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