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Tips for Dealing With End of Life Issues

There are a lot of quotes about death and dying, both cliche' and religious.
"You can't get out of life alive" is one of them.
On the Biblical front, Hebrews 9:27 states, "It is appointed to man once to die...
" Ignoring the issue isn't going to make it go away.
While there is a lot of reluctance, advance planning is very helpful for the family left behind.
Some of this can be done beforehand.
Others can be handled as death nears.
The most important preparations before death include an advance directive and details about any service to be held.
An advance directive tells doctors what medical care is desired.
Some people want the doctors to pull out all the stops.
Others don't want any heroic measures, such as life support.
Making these decisions beforehand is an absolute necessity.
Otherwise, the family will have to make these decisions, and that can cause some serious problems.
Details for those who are left behind is comforting.
They will differ by custom, culture and religion.
A few questions to consider: Do you want a funeral or memorial service? Do you want pictures or a slideshow? What do you want done with the body? When doctors have said that there is nothing more they can do, there is something else that can be done.
Hospice can be called in.
They provide comfort for the family, explain exactly what is happening, offer counseling and a host of other things.
Hospice workers come from a variety of faiths and denominations.
If a pastor, priest, chaplain, etc.
is required there is probably one available.
This can bring great comfort for all involved.
Most of the time when death and dying is discussed, the mind goes to the elderly.
It's important to remember that any of us could die at any point in time.
Being prepared is of primary importance to the family left behind.

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