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Good Ideas for a Room in Your First Apartment

    All-Purpose Space

    • For many, the first apartment is a smaller space than they are used to. If your first apartment isn't as big as you would like, make the most of the space that you do have by making your room an all-purpose one. Use a futon in place of a sofa to serve as both seating space and a makeshift bed for yourself or for company. Instead of a large desk, use a hutch with a keyboard tray that you can pull out, placing your computer and work supplies inside so you can close up the hutch when not in use. This will keep your space looking tidy.

    Entertaining Area

    • One of the major benefits of finally having a space of your own is having the opportunity to have people over as you see fit. Make your kitchen and dining area conducive to entertaining by placing bar stools up against counters, selecting a high, cafe-style table and creating a bar up against a wall at which you can serve drinks to guests.

    Media Room

    • Make an entertainment-rich space in your new apartment by creating a media room. If you have an extra bedroom in your apartment, don't let it lay vacant, but instead fill it with cozy seating, movie posters, a large television and DVD equipment. Relax in this space solo, or invite friends over to appreciate your newly minted movie-viewing space.

    Mix-and-Match Room

    • Paying to fill an entire apartment with brand new, matching furniture can be pricey. Instead of taking on that economic burden immediately, make the most of your mix and match pieces. Create a relaxing den by placing an assortment of seating pieces from your previous home into one space. If the pieces clash too much to happily co-exist, use slip covers or refinish seat cushions to make them match a bit better. Give wood pieces a similar face lift by refinishing or painting them so they go together better. By placing all of these odds and ends furnishings in one room, you can fill the rest of your space with matching pieces.

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