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Love Lives In Diamonds

Prevalently regarded as 'Every woman's best friend', diamonds are a substance of worldwide attractiveness and ultimate worth. While hardly any ladies can resist the glittering sparkle of this enticing gem, diamonds have ornamented the ring finger of guys as well in several cultures for some time now. Possibly not anything in the world can match up to the prospective or new bride's dazzling smile and warmhearted blush better than a diamond ring on her finger. That is probably the main reason why, especially in Western cultures, diamond rings have emerged to be almost synonymous with 'engagement rings' and 'wedding rings'.

Once in a lifetime opportunities such as engagements and weddings are perceived as deserving for this most magnificent gemstone of all - diamond - that not only is forever, what a matrimonial bond is supposed to be, but in addition manifests its magic on the world with such immense energy that no-one typically seems to care digging far into the wallet solely to bask in the extraordinary nirvana of owning it or pasting an eternal smile on that special person's face.

Diamond rings placed around the fourth finger of the left hand - the ring finger - seemingly bearing the vena amoris (translating to 'vein of love') truthfully transcends to the prospective or new bride's heart and stays there for eternity. A woman could never tire of staring constantly at the gleaming treasure around her finger and listen to it describe tales of promises and companionship, surfacing the foremost pleasant thoughts and also have her bosom swell with integrity at her gorgeous possession.

Diamond rings can be cut in an astonishing variety of designs, cuts and styles, pampering the potential owner with a vast range of bands and prong settings, color and designs. Solitaires are immense diamonds that lay royally, often among lesser ones, relishing in the prominence of a 'classic' for hundreds of years now. However, trilogy, three-stoned or trinity diamond rings are also exponentially popular, attributable to the fact culturally this group of three stones are supposed to revive the past, current and future love of the couple.

Miniature diamonds grouped in a wide variety of shapes - hearts, flowers and bows, to exemplify a couple - are prized for their intuition of design and intricacy, whereas plain bands with a tiny diamond shimmering within the core continues to be an all time favorite. A few diamond wedding or engagement rings come as a set with a wedding band, both of which are intended to be worn mutually. Whatsoever be the style, a diamond is known as a irreplaceable piece of jewelry profoundly adding its own distinctive shine to any engagement or wedding.

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