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Strategic Options for Halo Wars

    • Ensemble Studios' Halo Wars for Xbox 360 places elements from Microsoft's Halo first-person shooter franchise in a real-time strategy format. Halo Wars has players building and upgrading armies to attack enemies in a single-player or cooperative story mode or in a multiplayer mode over the Xbox Live service. Halo Wars places emphasis on strategy.

    General Tips

    • Players should always use the map to their advantage--environments contain elements that can benefit the player. recommends taking over any sniper tower or area of cover because units occupying these places are capable of taking more damage than usual.

      Maps tend to have neutral sites you can use to expand your base. These should be taken as soon as possible. These bases tend to have their own units guarding them, so players must be prepared to fight for the site.

      Those playing as the UNSC have a special benefit--their Spartan units are capable of stealing enemy vehicles and making them more powerful. Conversely, those playing against UNSC must beware of Spartans for the same reason--they can turn a player's vehicles against him.

    Turtle Strategy

    • The Turtle strategy involves creating a strong defense to ward off enemies until their resources are exhausted. Once the enemy is forced to rebuild her army, the player can send a counterattack to achieve victory before the opponent can regain her strength.

    Rush Strategy

    • A common real-time strategy tactic has a player building a vast army as quickly as possible, often without spending time upgrading), and deploying all units with the intent of beating an enemy with overwhelming numbers. Halo Wars Strategy, a website that compiles player-tested gameplay strategies, recommends focusing attacks on the enemy army, turrets and shield generators before moving on to destroying buildings. The rush strategy has special benefit to the Covenant--the Gravity Lift teleports any Covenant unit directly to the Covenant Leader. Thus, if a Covenant Leader were sent near the enemy, a quickly teleported army could rush and take the enemy by surprise.

    Boom Strategy

    • The Boom strategy involves upgrading units to produce an advanced army--risky early in the game if the enemy decides to rush. Halo Wars Strategy recommends placing effort on upgrading one specific unit to serve as the army's main thrust while working on supportive units in a secondary fashion.

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