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Spring Break 2012 - A More Refined Approach to a Good Time

Spring break 2012 is fast approaching and today's spring breaker is a different individual than they were a year ago.
Where South Padre Island or Palm Springs used to serve as spring break party palaces in years past, today's spring breakers are more sophisticated and aspiring.
For 2012, the hot go to locations seem to be Honolulu, Hawaii and South Beach, Miami, Florida.
Hordes of spring breakers will be descending on these two cities in the coming months mostly due to the exotic offerings the cities inherently have to offer.
It used to be spring breakers would take any warm climate and a keg to have fun.
Now, these more up market cities are becoming key destinations.
The nightlife in South Beach, Miami is legendary.
With the main drag sporting tons of coffee shops, bars and all night rocking and colorful clubs, it's no wonder today's spring breaker has their flights already booked.
Add to that several high end hotels offering groundbreaking hotel deals and cheaper flights than last season and you have the perfect recipe for a good time.
When in South Beach, you'll never be at a loss for something to do.
Sleep in, then mosey on down to the perfect white sandy beach and take in the sunshine, the waves and the bathing suits.
People tend to leave their inhibitions behind in Miami so be prepared to see more skin than you ever have in your life.
Take a dip in the ocean or hotel pool, then grab a relaxed lunch at one of the hundreds of small restaurants that line the boulevard.
Do some shopping for yourself or a loved one, then crack that first drink around 3pm (3 is the new 5pm in Miami!).
Then put on your fanciest threads, hit a steakhouse or sushi, or better yet, crab shack, then find yourself dancing your head silly to the wee hours of the morning.
Had too much to drink? Cool down in a coffee bar and clear your head before hitting the hay to yet again, sleep in till noon.
Can spring break get any better? Before you know it, you'll be back on that plane, sitting in the middle seat, exhausted, perhaps a bit saddened to be leaving, but rest assured, you're face and your soul will have been warmed with sunshine! Honolulu, Hawaii has been called the greatest place to visit in the world and it's no wonder why.
Hawaii itself is a huge tourist get away and Oahu its biggest tourism city.
Thousands flock to the beautiful white sandy beaches, the exotic tropical climate bristling with comforting trade winds and the inviting hotels that line the ocean's shore.
Like Miami, high-end hotels are offering groundbreaking deals this spring in Honolulu as well so take advantage of the savings (perhaps put it into the airfare!) and find yourself soaking up the rays on a surfboard at Waikiki beach.
Or go shopping at the hundreds of mom and pop shops that line the boulevard.
Like Miami, you'll find yourself sleeping in, having cocktails early, all while taking in more skin, sightseeing and natural wonders than you can imagine.
Another huge offering that Honolulu offers is a nightlife.
Most other cities in Hawaii become very sleepy after dark but not Honolulu.
Like Miami, this place stays warm after the sun goes down.
For 2012, spring breakers have a more refined taste.
No longer is the prerequisite for a good time a warm place, but a warm place with high end hotels, gorgeous natural beauty, and stunning exotic locales.
Have fun, be safe and most of all have a wonderful 2012 spring break!

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