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Know How To Grow Grape Vines

It is a good thing to know how to grow grape vines and other produce plants.
Having the ability to grow things to eat for yourself is a great way to save money, eat organically, and live a green life.
Many people are finding the ability to grow food as such a rewarding practice.
Understanding a few things before getting started is key to success.
Be sure to choose a location for your vines that gets plenty of sunshine.
You don't want to plant in an area that will collect a lot of standing water after a rain.
Flat terrain is fine, but a slope or hill is even better to plant your vines on.
Most grape varieties will grow best in a mild climate.
Putting them in an area where temperatures reach more than ninety degrees is not a good idea.
The best temperature range for growing grapes is around sixty degrees at night and around temperatures in the seventies during the day.
Extreme heat will cause the breakdown in development of the plant.
Vines are not meant to grow upon the ground.
They need a surface or structure to cling to and climb.
The structure doesn't have to be anything intricate, but a pretty lattice trellis looks nice and can compliment the lawn.
Anything will work, even a solid wall.
It's a good idea to have the structure in place before even planting the vines.
The vines will eventually need to be taught how to climb the trellis or other support structure properly.
The vine can not support the weight of the fruit on its own so it's important for it to start growing the right way and in the right direction in order to be strong enough to hold its fruit.
Wrapping the curling parts of the vine around the trellis will teach the plant which direction to grow in.
Each year before spring gets in full swing the plant will need to be trimmed.
Taking out some of the weaker stalks is important so the stronger more dominant stalks can thrive.
Failing to trim the vines will sap the nutrients from the main vines and result in a weaker harvest.
Keeping pests and other hazardous things off of the plants is not easy to do.
In order be organic you can not apply chemicals or pesticides.
Using natural methods such as covering the plants with mosquito net will help keep bugs off of it.
Other things one can try to deter pests is to soak cotton in white vinegar and place it all around the root of the plant.
Learning how to grow grape vines is easy and can be very beneficial to anyone.
Once you have done all the work of planting and nurturing, you can enjoy the harvest each fall.
Select grapes when they are full and plump.
Leaving them on the vine too long will cause them to shrivel and turn into a raisin.
Prune back the bush after the harvest and leave enough room for new shoots to take place the following year.

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