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3 Ways to Create a "HOOK" For a Killer Ad, Salesletter and Website!

Coming Up With A HOOK For Your Business Can Be As Simple As 1, 2, 3! A "hook" is what gets your customers attention.
And you want to be sure your hook has to have a "wow!" factor.
But that wow factor doesn't have to appeal to everybody.
It only has to appeal to people who are excellent prospects for what you sell! Here's one of the best ever as an example: "Fresh Hot Pizza Delivered In 30 Minutes Or Less Or It's Free! Dominoes 555-5555" Remember your first reaction to that? "Wow!" How do you come up with a wow factor for your business? Here's a simple and easy way to start coming up with ideas.
Ask yourself these three main questions: 1.
Is there anything special about your Product or Service?
What can you say about your product that none of your competitors can say about theirs? And as a customer...
why would I care about that? Most people tell me: "Nothing special...
it's pretty much the same thing that everybody else sells".
If that's the case for your product, don't despair...
there's still hope! Move on to number two and we'll try something else.
Is there anything special about your "Offer"?
You do have an offer don't you? You shouldn't just say...
"Barney's Pizza, call 555-5555".
Remember Dominoes? They didn't just say "Dominoes Pizza, call 555-5555".
Instead they said: "Fresh Hot Pizza Delivered in 30 Minutes or Less or it's Free...
Call Dominoes 555-1212".
What can you offer that will set you apart from your competitors? One Free "This" when you order "that"? And...
why should I care about "that"? Running an ad without an offer is like throwing out a fishing line without putting on bait.
It "feels" like you're doing something, when in fact you're just wasting time.
Remember the question from that old Wendy's commercial? "Where's The Beef?" I have a question for YOU...
"Where's The Bait?" 3.
Is there anything special about your Guarantee?
Are you offering a better guarantee than your competitors? What makes it better? Again, why should I care? Does your guarantee make it easy to buy from you? Does it take away the "risk" of buying? If you can be "unique" in each of these three categories, then you've likely got a winner business at hand.
But if you can't be unique in all three, at least try to be unique in one out of three and you'll still have a good chance at success! Spend some time on each of these (product, offer, and guarantee) and see what you can come up with.
It might not be as hard as you think!

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