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Math For Kids Abacus Lessons Now Attainable Everyday By Private Tutors Solving Problems With Cool Ga

On of the many developments or projects that Mohit and Naina Jain have planned for the Math Genie program and schooling system in South Plainfield and East Brunswick in the state of New Jersey in the USA is to create a home-study course which they then want to sell on the internet. Currently the Math Genie website receives, on average, around one hundred visits a day from all over the world. Mohit and Naina have already developed a beta edition of their home study course, which is, at the time of writing, currently being tested by a few people who have volunteered to use the program and test it in order to iron out all any and all operational bugs. Mohit states that the final version of the home sturdy course will be ready for launching onto the internet, ready to be sold, before the end of this year two thousand and twelve.

On the Google search engine people are searching about all types of aspects with regards to math and the solving of math problems and especially the solving and assistance to children with their math problems at school. There are in total between sixty and one hundred million websites or content containing web pages out on the internet that provide information with regard to the solutions of each of the many different types of problems and concerns that people have with math. This volume is only for the Google search engine and there are similar volumes of results on the Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines on the internet. So the demand for math related problems to be solved is gigantic.

Math Genie will be receiving a state education grant f\in New Jersey to assist Mohit and Naina to setup and launch their home study course on the internet. A portion of the money received from the grant will be used to finance the hiring of a professional web development company to overhaul the Math Genie's existing website in order to ultimately improve the lead conversions as well as to improve the search engine rankings and to also sell the home-study course online on the internet. Mohit and Naina also want to produce abacus math games, math lessons and other related educational tools that will be offered, free of charge, to people accessing the Math Genie website. This will ensure that the refurbished Math Genie website becomes a highly sought after math tutoring destination for children and parents on the internet.

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