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Italian Novelty Gifts

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      Italians are very proud of their heritage and love to receive gifts related to their culture and tradition. Giving Italian novelty gifts is a great way to celebrate Italian traditions and promote the Italian spirit. It can be overwhelming with so many Italian novelty gifts available, but there are a few that are the most memorable and affordable.


    • Magnets with the Italian flag, the word "Italia," or Italian images such as the Coliseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or a gondola make great Italian novelty gifts. Customized magnets are another idea to make the gift personal. You can use online customizing stores to add a person's name or personal message to the magnet.

    Key Chain

    • Give a key chain with the Italian flag or Italian imagery. If you're promoting your company or another organization, include the detailed information such as your company name, phone number, and Web address.

    Gift Basket

    • Prepare a gift basket filled with various Italian food items such as a small bottle of olive oil, pasta sauce, and Italian candies. The filing in the basket can be the Italian colors of white, green, and red. Include a small translation book for English to Italian. Italian-colored ribbon can be used to top off the gift basket.


    • Clothing is a great Italian novelty gift. You can easily find T-shirts, hats, and boxer shorts with various types of Italian imagery. Italian words, the flag, or other Italian symbols on the clothing make the perfect gift.


    • A coffee mug is a great Italian novelty gift because coffee is such a part of Italian culture. The mug can have Italian imagery on it. It can be filled with a few individually wrapped biscotti or a small bag of Italian roasted coffee beans for an added Italian touch.


    • Posters of famous Italian scenery such as Venice, Rome, or Tuscany are a great Italian novelty gift. You can also give a poster with Italian icons such as famous Italian actors, famous Italian buildings, or sculptures. The poster can be given as is, or it can be framed.

    Air Freshener

    • Give an air freshener in the shape of the country of Italy to hang in a car or use at home. The air freshener may be customized as well with your own words or name imprinted on it. This can be given as a gag gift or a small gift given in a card.

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