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How to Fix a Really Scratched PSP Game

    • 1). Remove the scratched PSP game disc from the PSP.

    • 2). Turn on a faucet running warm tap water and insert the PSP disc under the stream with the data side of the disc facing upward.

    • 3). Carefully apply a mild dish detergent to the surface of the PSP disc with your fingers. Apply the detergent from the inside of the disc outward to its edges. Never apply in a circular manner as you can cause further damage to the disc.

    • 4). Rinse the detergent from the disc's surface with the warm tap water, and place the disc onto a layer of paper towels. Allow it to air dry.

    • 5). Apply the toothpaste to the surface of the disc in the same manner as you applied the dish detergent. Allow the toothpaste to set onto the disc for three to five minutes, then rinse the toothpaste from the disc with warm tap water and a dab of dish detergent.

    • 6). Place the disc onto a layer of paper towels so the data side of the disc is facing upward, and allow it to air-dry. Once it is completely dry, you can use it on your PSP. If the game is still not working, then it is too heavily damaged to be fixed.

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