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How Can I Download Movies to Digital Media Cards?

    File Type

    • Different devices only play certain media files, so simply dragging a movie file onto a digital media card may not work. Most hand-held video players such as iPods rely on the MP4 extension to properly play movie files. Digital cameras and cell phones may have their own file extensions that make it impossible to play back your own videos. Check with the manufacturer's website for more information about the specific device.


    • Movie files on computers are typically 600 to 700 megabytes for a full-length movie. To properly fit this on a media card, this movie must be converted to a new format. Using software such as WinAVI or Ultra MP$ Video Converter, you can easily condense the file. Select the file as the input and save the output in a separate folder so you do not get confused. The transfer takes about an hour because each frame of the movie needs to convert properly.

    Card Reader

    • Purchase and connect a card reader to your computer. Most computers automatically detect card readers, but if yours does not, use the driver disc it came with to install the card reader. Plug your media card into the reader and give the computer a few seconds to identify it. Open up "My Computer" and find the device listed there. In most cases it will be assigned as drive letter "F" or "G," but this varies by computer. Click-and-drag the converted movie files directly onto the card. For easier access, create a new folder on the card entitled "Movies." Open that folder and then click-and-drag the files out from there. The process may take a couple of minutes, so wait for it to complete.


    • Remove the media card from the computer and test the videos out in your device. Check both the audio and video to ensure that it plays correctly. If there is an error, try to play the videos on your computer from the card reader. If they play properly from the computer, then the movies are not compatible with the device. If they do not play properly in both, then there was a communication error and you need to transfer the movie file again.

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