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Thailand Travel Tips: 5 Great Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has hundreds of dining options, so whether you’re looking for a fragrant bowl of khao soi noodles, a romantic table in an old teak house or a chic, urban venue to enjoy the local fare and do some people watching, the perfect restaurant awaits. Choose from these top 5 dining spots below and you can’t go wrong. All are different but each offers a true Chiang Mai dining experience.

1. The House

This upscale, cosmopolitan restaurant in the middle of the Old City is set in a mid-century wooden house and offers an East-meets-West fusion menu and a selection of Thai favorites, too. The result is a modern, international venue to match the crowd.
  • Address: 18/6 Rajvithee Rd., Chiang Mai, +66 5341 9011
  • Cost: Around 2,000 Baht ($60) for two people
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2. Ruen Come-In Thai Restaurant

This upscale northern Thai restaurant in an antique teak house has a menu featuring traditional Lanna cuisine. The dishes are prepared with foreign palates in mind but get consistent raves from diners. Sit in the elegant dining area or outside.
  • Address: 79/3 Sirithron Rd., Chiang Mai, +66 5321 2516
  • Cost: Around 1,700 Baht ($50) for two people
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3. Aum Vegetarian Restaurant

This laid back, casual restaurant near the Tha Pae Gate is the quintessential Chiang Mai traveler’s hangout, complete with books lining the walls, organic vegetables and lots of backpackers. The vegetarian menu is extensive, and the owners source most of their produce and all of their coffee from hill tribe farmers.
  • Address: Moonmuang Rd., Chiang Mai, +66 5327 8315
  • Cost: Around 300 Baht ($8) for two people
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4. Just Khao Soy

You’ll need to venture a bit out of the Old City to get here but it’s worth it, as this khao soi restaurant is a favorite in Chiang Mai. The only thing on the menu is the region's famous fragrant yellow curry noodle dish, but you can choose among different types of noodles and meats.
  • Address: 108/2 Charoen Prathet Rd., Chiang Mai, +66 5381 8641
  • Cost: Around 200 Baht ($6) for two people
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5. Huen Phen

This authentic but unpretentious restaurant serves traditional northern Thai cuisine, including khao soi and Chiang Mai sausage. Head there during the day if you’re looking for a casual meal. You’ll sit in the outdoor seating area among plenty of locals grabbing a meal on their lunch break. Dinner is served in the restaurant’s nicer indoor dining room and is very popular with other tourists.
  • Address: 112 Ratchamangkha Rd., Chiang Mai, +66 5381 4548
  • Cost: Around 150 Baht ($4) for two people for lunch

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