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How to Slip a Motorcycle Clutch

    • 1). Find the point at which your motorcycle's clutch disengages by traveling at a slow speed around 15 to 20 mph. Pull in the clutch lever slowly until the engine begins to rev freely without propelling the bike forward. This is the disengagement point.

    • 2). Travel at a comfortable speed, somewhere around 20 mph, then accelerate to 30 mph.

    • 3). Slip the clutch by pulling in the clutch lever with one or two fingers until you reach the disengagement point. The motor should rev freely at this point.

    • 4). Twist the throttle grip slightly to increase the motor's revolutions and release the clutch smoothly. The front end of the motorcycle should lurch upward.

    • 5). Roll the throttle back down slowly to maintain height and to prevent the bike from flipping back.

    • 6). Tap the rear brake pedal lightly to bring the front end back down if you feel that it is too high off the ground.

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