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How to Get Definition With a Bosu

    Hop, Skip and Jump

    • 1). Perform this first step with the dome side down. Grip the outer edges of the Bosu and go into a plank position. Run in place by quickly alternating your foot position, forward and back. Do this 10 times, then snap your feet forward into a wide stance and press the Bosu overhead. Lower the Bosu to the floor, kick your legs back into a plank and repeat the entire sequence. That sequence is 1 rep. Do five full reps.

    • 2). Now turn the Bosu over so the dome side is up. Lie on your stomach on the floor, about three long steps behind the Bosu. Get up and run quickly to the Bosu. Place your right foot on top and blast off into the air with your arms overhead; then land on the same foot and back-pedal to the ground in the same position you started from. Do a set of 10, then switch the lead foot to the left and do another set of 10.

    • 3). Do an exercise called corkscrew pushups. Flip the Bosu over so the flat side is up. Grip it at the outside edge while assuming a plank position. Slowly lower into a push-up, then come back up. While you're rising, spin the Bosu like a corkscrew. Slowly lower yourself; then, upon rising, spin the other way. Repeat 10 times.

    • 4). Move on to lateral squats. Stand with your right foot on the center of the Bosu and your left foot on the floor. Go into a squat position, then come up quickly and shift the feet from side to side so the left foot is on top and the right foot is on the floor. Do a squat, then shift feet again. That is one rep. Perform 15 reps in total.

    • 5). Do an exercise called Spidermans. From the same starting point you used for the lateral squats, hop in the air and spin your body 180 degrees. Land the opposite foot on the Bosu while going directly into a squat, then hop up and spin in the other direction. That is one rep. Perform 15 reps in all.

    • 6). Do an exercise that targets the core and upper body. These are called propellers, and are performed on the dome side. Place your feet on the dome, with your body in a slightly inclined plank position. The hands are on the floor lined up under the shoulders. Now walk your hands all the way around while shifting your feet accordingly on the Bosu. Go all the way around to the starting point, then change directions and go all the way back around.

    • 7). After the last step, stand on the Bosu with one foot for 30 seconds, then switch to the other foot for 30 seconds. This is called active recovery. Then cycle through the steps again and perform five to six circuits, depending on how your body feels.

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