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What are Medicare Requirements to Enable You to Qualify for Medicare?

Have you ever wanted to avail of Medicare health insurance benefits and plans? Do you different Medicare requirements you need to be eligible to enroll for the kinds of Medicare coverage? Though Medicare is an effective, cheap and well known health insurance program, it is not for everyone. Senior citizens, specifically those who are above 64 years old, are the main recipients for this one of a kind health insurance program. Those who are 64 years old or younger are also eligible to avail of Medicare as long as they have certain disabilities like a permanent kidney failure. These are the main requirements that are followed strictly by Medicare.

Each of the three recipients may qualify for the four Medicare parts available. These parts offer certain services for the different health care needs of Medicare recipients. If you want to receive Hospital insurance, Part A is the one you should avail of through your own personal status, on your spouse's status, and on you employment in work. There are many other factors that need to go along with the specified age to be eligible for Medicare. Senior citizens can have Part A if they have received social security and railroad retirement benefits; have worked for a number of years to make you eligible even though you have no social security and railroad retirement benefits; if they're entitled to their spouse's social security benefits based on his or her work record and your spouse is at least 62 years of age; or you have worked for a long period of time in a state, federal, or local government job that automatically makes you insured for Medicare.

You can be eligible for a Medicare health insurance even if you are under the senior citizen age requirement as long as you have social security disability benefits and you also have an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease or Lou Gehrig's disease; you are a social security disability beneficiary for at least 24 months; or you have worked for a long period of time in a state, federal, or local government job and have met the social security disability beneficiary requirements. These are Medicare requirements that you need to qualify for but family members are also eligible for Medicare health insurance. As long as your spouse, widow, or dependent parent fulfills the senior citizen age requirement, they can receive Medicare based on your work record. Family members that are younger than the specified senior citizen requirement are also eligible after you accumulate a work record of 24 months. If you have a kidney failure, you can have Medicare health insurance if you are insured or have monthly benefits from social security or from your railroad retirement system. You may also be insured already because you have accumulated a number of work hours in the government.

If you do not qualify with the Medicare requirements, you can still have Medicare by paying a monthly premium and always enrolling for Medicare insurance or Part B. Part C and Part D can also be availed with the requirements already stated. For more information about the requirements of Medicare health insurance, visit their website online.

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