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How to Explain the Components of a Social Science Project

    • 1). Know your work inside and out so that you can effectively explain and present it to someone else. Have the project finished, or at least planned, before you attempt to tell anyone about its specifics.

    • 2). Create a written outline of your project to help finalize your explanation. Detail the project and how you hope to present it in an organized manner.

    • 3). Explain the background of the field. Go into detail about the history of sociology, social sciences and influences upon social interactions. Tell why it's important to our everyday lives.

    • 4). Explain in a straightforward manner the basics of your project. Mention the reason you chose the project and your intention in presenting such a work. Cover each component of the project and how it relates to the others.

    • 5). Connect your work to the broader concerns of social sciences and human interaction. Go into detail about specific aspects of the project and how they came into being.

    • 6). Close by summarizing the project and repeat a concise version of how you came to research this area. Allow the person to ask any lingering or follow-up questions they might have.

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