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Weekend Travel Trips

    • Head off for a weekend escape.suitcase lady image by Lev Dolgatshjov from

      Some travelers put off their travel plans until they can devote large blocks of time to travel; however, even a two-day weekend can be enough time for a refreshing getaway. Instead of only venturing out on one vacation a year, take several weekend trips throughout the year to see the sites and reinvigorate yourself before heading back to work on Monday.

    Amish Country

    • Take a break from your fast-paced lifestyle by escaping to Amish country for the weekend. Amish settlements still exist throughout the countryside of Ohio and Pennsylvania, allowing travelers to catch a glimpse of a more simple way of life and escape their hectic daily routines. Turn off your cell phone, leave your computer at home, and head off to Amish country this weekend. Whether sitting down for a meal at a table full of tasty Amish favorites or taking a buggy ride through the countryside, you will likely appreciate how different this way of life is from your norm.

    Beach Break

    • Catch some rays over the weekend by heading off to a nearby beach. Venture toward the coastal areas and head toward whichever beach area sits closest to you. Relax on the sand, play some beach volleyball or splash around in the salty water to wash away your weekday stresses. To make your weekend getaway even more enjoyable, rent a beachside hotel room or condo, and wake up on Sunday morning to the sounds of the waves lapping against the shoreline.

    State Park

    • Become one with nature this weekend by venturing to a state park. Most state parks offer tent sites, allowing you to rough it out under the stars, or cabins if you seek a more refined and comfortable escape. Explore the nature trails at your park of choice, breathing in the fresh air and developing an increased appreciation of nature as you break from your busy weekday routine.

    City Theater Trip

    • If you don't wish for your weekend to be as much of an escape as an adventure, then head to the city as you start your weekend break. Book a hotel room in the heart of the city closest to you. Purchase theater tickets for a show running in the area, and spend your weekend immersed in an exciting theatrical exhibition. Head out to a local restaurant before or after your show to get a taste of what the city has to offer.

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