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Medical Billing and Coding For Physician Practices

Highly consistent and quality medical billing and coding services for physician practices minimize the administrative responsibilities of physicians and enable them to focus on their core competencies in an efficient manner. Besides, by hiring these services, physicians can submit error-free medical bills and insurance claims promptly and reduce the odds of claim denials and rejections.

Efficient Processing of Medical Bills and Claims

There are several outsourcing companies in the US providing unrivaled medical billing services for physician practices. These services are utilized by individual physicians, group practices, hospitals, rehab centers, acute care facilities, long-term healthcare clinics and more.

Professional outsourcing companies have a panel of billing specialists, coders, accountants, auditors, financial analysts and others who have expert know-how about the latest medical billing and coding rules and regulations. They swiftly process medical bills and insurance claims using state-of-the-art billing and coding software. The important medical billing and coding services offered for physicians' practices include:

• Enrollment into the billing system (demographic and insurance information)

• Billing and reconciling of accounts
• Charge entry, payment posting
• Insurance verification and insurance authorizations
• ICD- 9- CM, HCPCS, CPT coding
• Accounts receivable follow-ups and collections

Reduces Back-Office Woes

By outsourcing their medical billing and coding jobs, physician practices can save the investment needed for maintaining in-house billing and coding infrastructure. These services also reduce paperwork in physician practices. The other benefits that physician practices derive include:

• Higher data security and confidentiality
• Secure file transfer options
• Increase in efficiency and cash-flow
• Daily, weekly and monthly reports
• Periodic data backup facility
• Absolute HIPAA compliance
• Minimum turnaround time
• 24/7/365 technical support

Reliable Service Providers for Effective Solutions

Physician practices that plan to outsource their medical billing and coding jobs should hire the services of a recognized service provider who can deliver cost-effective HIPAA compliant medical billing and coding solutions.

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