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The Numerous Features of Serviced Apartments

In recent times, serviced apartments have become the preferred choice of temporary accommodation for a lot of people.
Serviced apartments are furnished apartments that can be availed for long term or short term stays.
When compared to hotels, these apartments are the cheaper option.
The number of people choosing such apartments over hotels is increasing on a daily basis.
This can be attributed to the boom in international travel and a corresponding increase in the sophistication levels of travelers.
Convenient, spacious and private are some adjectives that can be used to describe such an apartment.
Cleanliness is an important feature of serviced apartments.
Most providers of these apartments employ maids who will clean the apartment, replenish toiletry supplies and remove trash, on a regular basis.
Security is yet another hallmark of these apartments.
A lot of these apartments use high end security systems to keep occupants safe.
Key card access and security guards are also used by some apartments.
A lot of the people who stay in such apartments are leisure travelers.
Hence most of these apartments offer a variety of recreational activities for guests.
Ping pong tables, billiards tables, barbeque pits, playgrounds, spa and swimming pools are some of such features.
The importance of staying fit has been well documented in recent years.
As such, most of these apartments have gym facilities as well.
The gym will contain a good selection of weights and machines.
Unlike hotels, residents of serviced apartments have to cook their own food.
Therefore, most of them are located near convenience stores so that occupants do not have to travel far to get food and other supplies.
Most of the occupants of such apartments are looking for a home like experience.
Hence, the apartment providers take every measure possible to give the occupants exactly what they want.
Contrary to popular belief, serviced apartments do not cater exclusively to leisure travelers.
A lot of people, who are on business trips, prefer to stay in these apartments due to the various technological features.
Corporate accommodation is an important characteristic of such apartments.
Rooms for corporate accommodation will be furnished with state of the art appliances.
High speed internet, Wi-Fi and telephone services are obviously included.
Regardless of whether the accommodation is corporate or leisure, one can be assured of top notch service.
Privacy is one of the most important features of such apartments.
Few hotels can match the privacy offered by serviced apartments.

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