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4 Dating Conversation Tips - Make Yourself Irresistible To Women

Are women losing interest in you whenever you are out on dates? Is the atmosphere always ending up boring? There are 4 great dating conversation tips that will prevent any date from being a disaster.
A lot of men have always complained that women today are very hard to please.
They are easily bored and as a result that elusive second date never comes.
Well, it's actually not that hard to keep a women's interest level high.
There are 4 tips that I will give you.
First is do not force yourself to speak.
Second is to maintain good eye contact.
Third is to stop nodding.
Lastly, hold her hand.
I will explain each one in this article.
Do not force yourself to speak.
You might be asking why this is a "conversation" tip.
Well, it is actually OK not to speak, just try not to look like you are thinking of what to say next or look like you are worrying that she might become bored.
Just relax and look at her.
See if she tries to get out of the awkward silence by saying something.
If she does, that's good.
Next is to maintain good eye contact.
Whenever you are speaking or she is saying something make sure to look her in the eye.
Don't maintain it for too long or you might look creepy.
Don't look at her like you want to strange her, look like you are admiring her face, or boobs, or whatever.
Just kidding.
Just try not to avoid eye contact.
She should always be the one to look away first.
Stop nodding! You will look like a puppy.
When she is saying something, just look at her.
The only time for you to speak is when she asks you something or she is finished.
Don't cut her off.
Sure you can nod a couple of times but please not all the time.
Do not worry that she might think you are not listening.
As long as you are looking at her it's okay.
Lastly, and this is the one of the best dating conversation tips in my opinion, is to hold her hand.
But you must be sure not look weird doing it.
Don't hold her hand when you are talking about your friend's dog who just ate your socks.
Hold her hand while you are giving her a compliment.
If she takes her hand away, just laugh it off and try again later.
If she does not take it off, this cat is in the bag, baby! Now that you know 4 of the best dating conversation tips, I think you should go out there and try them out.
It might be uncomfortable at first, but trust me, as time goes by you will be getting good results as long as you follow these tips.

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