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How to Upgrade the Radeon 2400

    • 1). Purchase a video card with better specs than the ATI 2400 such DirectX 11 support, 1GB of RAM and 128-bit memory interface. Just about any card will work as long as the bus interface is PCI Express x16, so it fits into the same interface as your current video card (see Resources for upgrade options).

    • 2). Turn off your computer if it is on. Remove all of the cords and cables plugged into it. This reduces the possibility of a cord getting yanked on while you're working on your computer and eliminates electricity from the system (aside from the CMOS battery).

    • 3). Open your computer case. Instructions for doing this vary based on manufacturer. Most either have a release and one side slides off, or they have screws in the back holding one side on; the latter requires a screwdriver or nut driver.

    • 4). Ground yourself to remove static electricity from your body. To do so, touch anything metal that is grounded. Static electricity can damage sensitive computer components.

    • 5). Open any latches or devices securing the card mounting screws and remove the screw holding your ATI 2400 in place. These are on the back side of your computer case where the card ports go through the case. Each card has a metal bar on the end that fits into a slot and a screw holding one end of the bar in place. Some bars might only have a slot that fits over a pin instead of a screw.

    • 6). Release the latch on the PCI Express bus on the motherboard. It is located on the end opposite where the mounting bar is and should push to one side with light finger pressure.

    • 7). Remove the ATI 2400 from the PCI Express bus gently while holding the release latch. It should pull straight out with minimal force. Let go of the release latch.

    • 8). Insert your new video card into the PCI Express x16 slot. The metal mounting bar needs to be at the back of the computer case. Push gently on the video card until it clicks.

    • 9). Secure the mounting bar with either the screw or by hooking it on the provided post. Close the cover for the mounting bar end, if there is one, and close your computer case.

    • 10

      Reconnect all the cables to your computer. Plug your monitor cable into your new video card.

    • 11

      Turn on your computer and install any drivers or software that came with the card. Follow the provided instructions for installing them.

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