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How to Start a Collection Agency in Connecticut

    • 1). Familiarize yourself with Connecticut's laws on debt collection and new business start-ups. The government of Connecticut has published a website that pertains to such laws. The website contains laws and regulations about the collection of debt, keeping records and bankruptcy.

    • 2). Obtain a license for debt collection, which is available for a fee. Collection agencies are required to comply with Connecticut licensing laws in order to operate. The application may be completed either in person or online.

    • 3). Invest in the necessary office equipment such as a computer and debt collection software. In addition, a reputable business often has dedicated phone and fax lines, and investing in such items gives credibility to your business. A good Internet connection is also necessary to use debt collection software.

    • 4). Promote your new business by starting a website. A well-designed website will not only make your business more visible to potential customers, but it will also add more credibility and presence. Consider using the services of a web design company, who has experience in making professional and appealing websites according to a client's specifications.

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