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Self Improvement Solutions - 5 Tips For Maintaining Your Self Esteem

Self esteem can be very hard to build and once you have it, it can be a burden to maintain.
Everyday life will test your self-esteem; see how much you can take before it finally gets through to you.
Never let it get the best of you and never let it destroy you because once you lose all self esteem, you're back to square one and the journey will be long to regain you esteem.
In this article discover 5 things you should avoid to keep your esteem high.
1 - Negative Environment This is the place where non - appreciative people thrive.
Everyone will have one of these in their life may it be work, school or even at home.
Any work you do is not appreciated even if you worked yourself to the bone.
This environment will have you feeling bad so avoid it at all costs as it will ruin your self-esteem.
2 - Other People's Behavior If someone is in a bad mood leave them alone.
People who are in bad moods are most likely to attack if provoked.
Anyone that sends out a bad vibe you should immediately back off from as it may affect you too or they could attack (verbally) denting your esteem.
3 - Changing Environment This isn't avoidable but it is something you should look out for.
Sometime in your life you will experience a change may that be house, school, job or even relationships.
Changes will be hard to adjust to and some big changes can seriously hurt your self-esteem (a change to a lower paid job because you weren't as good at your last one) but remember that with change you can easily adapt to it.
4 - Past Experience This is a major self-esteem crusher.
Some things happen in the past and every now and then we will rethink these events and some will even cry.
A good example and probably most common past experience that would crush you would be a divorce from your parent (you feel you caused it) or your parents leaving you for adoption.
Sure the past can come back to haunt us, but the past is the past and you have to put that behind you and think about the future.
5 - Negative World View The world is full of negativity; war, famine, poverty...
All this can hurt you as you know you can't do anything to help but you can.
You may donate clothes, food or even money to help people who need it more and you are guaranteed to get a major boost of esteem.
Don't get knocked on your feet by people who are trying to pull you down.
We are given our options and it is us who choose which ones to take.
Follow this guide to make sure that you don't get pulled down by the world and so that you can keep on top.

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