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Most Permanent Fix for Clay Soil

    What to Add

    • Permanently break down clay soil with the addition of organic materials. The easiest way to do this is to mix in compost. You may also add other organic materials such as coffee grounds and clean crushed eggshells. Only work compost in when the clay soil is dry, as moisture will cause the clay to clump together.

    What Not to Add

    • Do not add sand to clay soil in the hopes of creating a better medium and better drainage. Unless the sand is sharp -- coarse -- sand, it will simply turn your clay soil into a cement-like substance, which is not with any plant's preferred growing condition.

    Extra Tips

    • Till organic matter deeply into clay to improve its structure. Till newly-amended soil often, but reduce tillage for established amended soil. Less tilling eventually results in slower decomposition, which provides for a better release of nitrogen.

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