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Make Him Commit - How to Stop Him From Playing Games

Are you sure you both love each other? Do you know his family and friends? Do you think he has plans of proposing? Is he afraid of commitments? You are not alone.
There are millions of women out there who feel the same way because there are millions of men who are afraid of commitments.
But is it possible to change his mind and make him commit? Can you stop him from playing games with you? There are simple solutions to this problem and these will not cost you anything.
If you believe that he love you whether he say it or not, then you can do something to get what you both want and stop him from playing such games.
There are simple techniques that you need to learn so he will be able to face his fear.
The good news is that he will not even notice that you are pushing him to be committed.
Making your man commit is difficult if you don't know how to do it right.
If you are one of those women who are still waiting for his proposal after being with you man for years, here are the things that you can do.
Tip #1: Be a Good Listener Your man needs to know that he can tell you his secrets and his fears.
It is very important that you will listen carefully and do not give any unsolicited advice and never criticize him either.
Just listen to whatever it is that he has to say and comfort him.
Make sure he knows that you love him for who he is and for whom he's not.
Tips #2: Love Him for Who He Is Love your man for who he is.
Never ask sensitive questions about his background like if he ever went to college, how much he makes every month, what his parents do for a living and the likes.
This will make him feel that you are judging him.
Ask him for his interest and hobbies and how he feel about things.
Share his happiness and make sure he knows you love him and care for him no matter what.
Tip #3: Don't Let Him Spend so Much for You Whether he volunteers or not, never let your man spend too much for you.
Never let him buy or pay for the stuff you want to buy.
Make sure he knows that you are not too costly.
Don't let him repair anything in the house even if he can repair it for himself.
If you know somebody else can do it, then ask that person to do the repair or pay for the repair yourself.
Never let him do so much for you if you want to make him commit.
Tip #4: Make Him Realize How Much He Loves You Men are never good at saying how much they love their woman.
Your man know that he loves you but he doesn't know how much.
Ask him to say "I love you" even if it's obvious.
This will make him realize and accept that he loves you so much.
These are the things that you can do every day.
You can start doing it now and you can make him commit in no time.

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