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Churches That You Want To Visit When In Mexico City

Traveling to Mexico City is a trip of a lifetime.
You will get to almost travel through time and see some of the most interesting things that you will ever see.
The city's churches are some of the most impressive, but they are not all found in a travel book.
The good news is that to be impressed by the architecture or age of these churches you will not have to travel that far as there are plenty of them to admire.
Here are the top churches to visit during your Mexico City stay.
Mexico City Cathedral (Zocalo) The Mexico City Cathedral is impressive and it is also the most visited in e country.
It is easy to understand why the cathedral is a focus of attention for many tourists as it is located right in the Zocalo (City Hall area) of the city.
The building of the cathedral started in 1570 but it has undergone remodeling several times since then due to earthquakes and additional building.
A lot of the material used in the construction of the cathedral was part of the Aztec ruins in the area which you can still see in the Templo Mayor which is right next door.
There is no admission fee to get into the Cathedral.
Iglesia de Santiago (Tlatelolco) The church of Santiago is even older than the cathedral as it was originally built in 1521.
The church also used the stones from the Aztec temples in the area and you will be able to see the stones still make up most of the church.
The ruins of Tlatelolco are also found right next to the church so it makes for a great day in the city.
The church went from being a church, to a college, to a convent, to a prison which eventually was made back into the church that you see today.
To get to Tlatelolco and the Church of Santiago take the metro to Garibaldi or the 0 emissions trolley bus that lives you in front of it.
Basilica de Guadalupe The Basilica de Guadalupe is one of the most important ones of Catholic tradition in the country.
The story says that in 1531, Juan Diego who was an indigenous convert saw the Virgin Mary at Cerro del Tepeyac.
Eventually a basilica was built to honor the Virgen de Guadalupe.
Through the centuries many faithful have attributed miracles to the site.
The virgin de Guadalupe was eventually declared the patron saint of Mexico.
The basilica can be reached by taking the metro to Garibaldi or Tlatelolco, but it is recommended that you take a taxi from there as it can be a bit of a walk.
Antigua Iglesia de San Agustin This is yet another church with a lot of history in Mexico City.
It was originally built in 1587, but a fire destroyed it in 1676.
Rebuilding started in 1677, but that was knocked down in 1861.
Eventually rebuilding took place and it became the national library and though it was no longer a church the main idea of the original building remained.

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