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How to Install an iPod Update File in Windows XP

    • 1). Connect the iPod to your computer, using the Apple USB cable.

    • 2). Open iTunes.

    • 3). Click on the iPod menu that's located underneath "Devices".

    • 4). Click the "Summary" tab at the top of iTunes.

    • 5). Click "Check for Updates" in the center of iTunes. A window will appear.

    • 6). Click on the "Download and install" button inside the open window. A larger window will appear.

    • 7). Click "Next" and then "Agree" at the bottom of the larger window. If the iPod update is not free, you will be asked to sign into your iTunes account. Enter your iTunes account inside the window and click "OK" to install the update file. Your iTunes account will be charged the listed price if the update is not free.

    • 8). Disconnect your iPod only after an "OK to Disconnect" message appears at the top of iTunes.

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