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Driving Education Examinations: Measures Driver’s Skill Improvements

A driving test is given to student drivers to measure how much they have learned from the training and lectures. These can be a series of written test questions and practical examination wherein the student driver must perform a few driving maneuvers that he learned on his driving education course. The examiner will rate his performance which will be the basis for whether he passed in the test.

Many countries have different types of courses to take to obtain a license for a certain type of vehicle. This means that a person who has a driver's license cannot drive a larger type of vehicles such as buses and trucks. But are allowed to take a driving education class for truck drivers and must meet the requirements to have a Commercial Drivers License. Motorcycle licenses are also issued to many individuals separately so as the license that will allow a driver to transport hazardous materials from one place to another. This situation shows that every vehicle are handled differently and provided with a separate driving education program for automobile handling. So even if a person knows how to handle one vehicle this does not necessarily mean he can handle every type of automobile. A person must first attend a formal education for operating a vehicle, should pass the written and road test before issued with a driver's license. Adults however are allowed not take a formal driving education but are still required to pass the written examination. For motorcycle drivers the road test will not be administered because it would be difficult for the examiner to evaluate his performance.

The examinations taken by the student drivers will measure how much they have absorb the classroom materials and instruction conducted during the class discussions. This test will also help them prepare for another examination needed to have a driver's license. The driving education test usually consists of multiple choices written exam where the students are required to select the letter that corresponds to their answers. At some point in the examination students must draw or write their answers in a more complex procedure. There are also practiced test which are conducted by the driving school instructor for your driving education prior to taking the final test. When a student satisfactorily completed the test and passed the examiner will issue a certification that indicates that the student has familiarized the basic rules on the road as well as specific traffic regulation and safety driving procedures.

The students who received certifications are qualified to take the road test to obtain a driver's license. This test measures the ability of the individual to handle a vehicle safely. Prior to the test the vehicle's controls and safety systems must e checked first. Then the student driver will drive the examiner around the area where the test is to be administered. The driver must show the evaluator his ability to park, change lanes, complete turns, merge in traffic and more skills taught in his driving education course. If the student was able to make the maneuver safely, he will pass the test and will receive a driver's license.

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