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HP vs. Dell Laptops


    • As both Dell and HP sell their merchandise directly, they are able to maintain a cheaper price when compared to other manufacturers. In 2009, low-end Dell and HP laptops could be purchased for as low as $399. At retail, HP laptops may cost more.


    • Both HP and Dell offer promotions frequently for their laptops. The better deal can change at anytime, depending on the quality of the promotion.


    • Both HP and Dell offer a variety of designs and colors. Dell uses more standard paint on their laptops while HP uses a more glossy substance.


    • Laptops from Dell and HP are designed to last a few years (taking into account care and use). Depending on the type of laptop purchased, a limited time warranty is included with both Dell and HP. All warranties can be extended for a price.


    • Lower-end models for both brands have little to no upgrade options. Users can upgrade the hard drive, video cards and other significant components in mid- to high-end models. Dell and HP both offer upgrade options for a reduced price. Experienced users can install the parts themselves.

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