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10 Tips to Eat Healthier and Lose Weight Faster

Nowadays people have more concerns for healthy food.
However, food choices alone cannot help you in effectively losing weight or avoiding obesity.
The more important aspect in weight loss and diet that people tend to ignore is: the way you eat.
These are 9 tips to eat healthier, to help your weight loss program, and your healthy digestion.
Eat in Peaceful Surrounding Obese people tend to eat without paying much attention of the activity, while in fact, eating condition is as important as the food you eat.
Find a peaceful surrounding while you are eating out.
Small café is better than fast food restaurant, where people used to eat in quickly and briskly manner.
When you eat, you must pay much attention to the food, to the richness of the taste, and how delicious it is.
When you eat at home, do not watch TV or read newspaper while eating.
Focus only on the eating! Don't Eat When You're Stressed Eating while you feel depressed or angry, will disturb your digestion, and you tend to eat without paying attention during those conditions.
Wait until you feel more relaxed.
Sit Down While You Are Eating You are more relaxed when you sit down.
Eating while sitting down will make you more focused to the eating, and prevent you from eating quickly, like when you eat while standing.
It will also help you preparing your digestion and strengthening your consciousness of the food and your hunger level.
Eat Moderately To help you keeping your moderate eating speed, do not put any food on your spoon or fork until you are finished in chewing and swallowing existing food in your mouth.
Don't Talk Much While Chewing While chewing and swallowing food, you should stick all your senses into the food, how it tastes, how it looks and how it smells.
Light conversation is still allowed, as long as it won't make you get emotional and disturbed.
Eat Cooked Food While raw food is becoming more famous lately, cooked food is still easier for digesting and causing less stomach problems.
Eating deliciously cooked food will quickly cause a calm and satisfaction feeling, that will prevent you from another cravings.
Freshly cooked food always provide the best meal.
Avoid Too Cold Food/Drink Having too cold food and drink will reduce the burning function of your digestion.
Pick healthy drinks without ice, or you can put your smoothie in refrigerator for a while just to make it more fresh.
Eat Until You Are 75% Full Eat until you can't eat anymore? That is how obese people gained their overweight.
How do you know that your stomach has reached its 75% capacity? This is another proof that paying attention to your eating activity is very important if you want to eat healthier.
You have reach the 75% capacity, which are the maximum point of your satisfaction, when you: ·Have felt satisfied ·Do not feel any hunger ·Do not feel uncomfortable de to over eating ·Do not feel sick when seeing foods.
Stop your eating right at this point, no matter how delicious the rest of the foods seem to be, or how expensive they are to be left off.
Don't Eat Again Too Soon After you have finished your meal, do not eat anything else until your previous food has been digested perfectly, which will take around 3-6 hours.
If you want to have dessert, choose something light like small portion of fruits or a small glass of fruit juice.
Sit For A While After Eating Now it's time to back to work, or return home from a dinner at restaurant.
However, don't immediately leave after eating.
Spend several more minutes on your table to give your digestion enough time to do its job well and easily.
Perfect and successful diet is when you choose your food carefully and eat healthier.
Combine it with routine exercises, then you will lose your weight faster and healthier.

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