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How to Install Rear Brakes on a Ranger

    • 1). Lift the truck with the floor jack by placing the jack in front of the wheel with the head on the frame rail, then pumping the jack lever until the wheel is off of the ground.

    • 2). Remove the wheel by turning the lug nuts counterclockwise, then pulling the wheel free and setting it away from the truck.

    • 3). Remove the drum by turning the keeper bolt (the off center bolt that holds the drum in place) counterclockwise, then sliding the drum off of the brake assembly.

    • 4). Remove the shoes by using the screwdriver as a lever on the long spring hooks that loop around the brake shoe spring carriers (the springs can be left in place once disengaged), then turning the primary spring bolts (in the center of the shoes) counterclockwise. Pull the shoes away from the brake assembly.

    • 5). Replace the shoes with new units by pushing them back onto the brake assembly, securing their primary spring bolts, and then levering the hooks back onto the shoes' spring carriers. The long springs could be worn out and require replacement, which can cause brake dragging if not attended to.

    • 6). Replace or resurface the drum, then slide it over the shoes and back onto the brake assembly. Tighten the keeper bolt until it is snug.

    • 7). Replace the wheel by tightening the lug nuts in an alternating pattern.

    • 8). Lower the truck from the jack by slowly turning the jack pressure screw counterclockwise.

    • 9). Repeat the process on the other rear wheel.

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