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Yes, the title says cat training product.
Is it even possible to train a cat, you ask? Yes it is! In fact, it can be quite easy (for you) and fun (for your cat), if you have the right products to teach your beloved feline the right way to behave in her home.
The right cat training product can not only make your life there human easier, it can also improve your cat's health, activity, and attitude.
Who knows, they might even look a little happier and behave more affectionately towards you.
Yes, it has happened! And with the right cat training product, it can happen for you and your feline! Cats are known for their stubborn personalities and persistent habits.
In fact, it is now believed that unlike dogs, who immediately sold out to their human masters cats domesticated themselves.
Some of the common troublesome habits of cats include the following: avoidance of the use of the litter box, jumping onto supposedly off-limits places (like the new couch, the kitchen counter, or your linen cabinet), running off to parts unknown (and leaving your worried to death), and scratching furniture legs.
Fortunately for you, there are cat training products for just about any of your cat-training-related needs.
Unfortunately, the pet industry has exploded with a horde of new cat products.
This makes it more difficult than ever for you to know which product to choose for your cat.
Chances are, you've been to the pet aisle at the supermarket, looking at what seems like an endless array of products, from the good old kitty litter you know to some new-fangled things that you can't even begin to understand the purpose of.
And of course, you wouldn't have been standing there, if not for the love of your cat.
To help you get your worth of your cats love, here's a low-down on the must-have cat training products for a cat training strategy that works.
o Cat fence.
With a good cat fence, you can have a good balance between letting her explore the outdoors and keeping them within safe distance.
There are many types of cat fences out in the market.
You can use ordinary nylon netting, which you can put on top of your own fence; a "buried electronic fence," which is an electronic barrier that she learns not to cross.
When your cat approaches the cat fence, a warning signal sounds on her special electronic collar.
If she insists on crossing it, she gets a mild electric shock.
o Training mats.
Teach your kitty to keep off furniture or counters, or out of other off-limit areas.
There are good, vet-approved mats you can use for this purpose.
There are mats (like Scat Mat) that emit a harmless static pulse when your cat touches it.
There are other mats (like X-Mat) that have practical features like uncomfortable, raised bumps that repel your cat from selected surfaces.
o Motion sensors.
Another option in training your cat to stay away from off-limit areas is to use motion-sensor activated sprays or alarms.
When touched by the cat, they either spray safe, odorless, liquids that repel her, or emit sounds to let you know your cat is up to no good again.
o Repellent spray.
Just spray this on off-limit areas (and off-limit furniture parts, like table legs), and the cat will surely stay away.
Just make sure to choose a safe, environment-friendly product.
o Training litter.
There are cat litters that contain ingredients, like natural herbs, that attract cats to their litter box.

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