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How to Send a Successful Link Request Message

Convincing webmasters to place a link to your website on their site is not easy.
Webmasters look for quality, relevance and a benefit to their website in the links that they add.
When you want to promote your newly created website by getting links from trusted and well established sites, the going is tough.
In this article we will be looking at some pointers regarding the message that you send requesting a link to your website.
Link Request Message Tips: 1.
Keep it simple Webmasters do not have time to waste and it is important that you keep your massage to the point.
Explain what your website is all about and why you want a link from their site.
Make it easy for them to link to your website.
Keep it professional Always assume that you are dealing with an experienced person and do not write the message as if you are communicating with your best buddy.
They will be more open to your request if you come across as a professional.
Only request links from related sites Webmasters do not want to link to websites that are not related to their site.
You can not expect a website selling pet furniture to be willing to link to a website selling second hand video games.
Website links need to add value to the user and links to unrelated websites are not ideal.
Make your website attractive to link to You need to make sure that your website is professionally designed and user friendly.
No one wants to link to a poorly designed website that is difficult to navigate.
Remember that webmasters will visit your website prior to deciding whether to grant your request.
Be polite Always be polite and stay away from sales copy in your message.
Everyone hates spam and if your message looks like spam it will be ignored.
Include your contact details Messages that contain full contact details will receive more attention and be less likely to be ignored.
People should be able to communicate with you to discuss the link request if needed.
Some webmasters will contact you just to make sure that the message is not spam.
Avoid using free email addresses Free email addresses, for example hotmail.
com, will be filtered as spam and your message will be ignored by the majority of websites.
Provide something in return Be creative and look for an incentive why a website should link to your site.
Placing an add on your homepage or providing a discount could convince people to link to your website.
When you decide on your link building strategy it is important to target high ranking, relevant and trusted websites for links.
These websites have the most valuable links but they are also the most difficult ones to get links from.
Some of these sites receive hundreds of link request messages daily and your link request message needs to stand out if you are to be successful.

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