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How to Attract Birds Into Your Garden

Attracting birds into your garden is a reasonably simple affair though if you want to attract as wide a variety as possible then there are a few tricks that are well worth knowing.
Attracting birds into your garden is really a 3 step process.
Firstly you need to provide birds with cover so that they feel safe.
So planting trees and shrubs in your garden is an excellent way to coax bird-life nearer to your home.
These areas can also provide excellent potential nesting sites.
The second thing that will attract garden birds is water.
Birds need to not only drink but to also bathe and so keep their feathers in perfect condition.
So providing a bird bath or large saucer of water will further help to attract them.
Take care in the colder months that this water is not allowed to freeze over.
Finally of course birds need food to survive.
However what you may not realize is that different birds feed on different kinds of food and so the broader the selection of treats you put out, the better the range of birds you will see.
Of course peanuts and wild bird seed are good starters - a feeder of two of each will get the ball rolling.
But don't stop there.
Also consider trying other seeds such as sunflower seeds or niger.
Also consider using fatballs which can be hung from trees or bird tables.
Fruit such as strawberries and ripe apples are relished, as are bread and biscuit crumbs.
Lastly consider even leaving out live insects such as mealworms.

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