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How To: Copy of High School Diploma Online

    • 1). Find your high school's website. Look for links that say something about ordering transcripts or diplomas. If you don't find such a link on the main page, click on a link for alumni or past students, or use a link to the guidance counselors. If the website has a search box, use it to find the contact or form for ordering a copy of your diploma. You may be able to fill out an online form, or you may have to print it out and mail it in, especially if your signature is required.

    • 2). Email a guidance counselor or adviser. If you can't find a link to order a diploma, look through the staff directory or the counseling pages for an email address and send a note asking how to get a copy.

    • 3). Contact the school district. If your school has closed or you otherwise have trouble finding a link to get a copy, go to the web page for the entire district rather than the particular school.

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