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4 Closely Guarded Fat Loss Secrets

Weight loss is often mistakenly thought to imply fat loss.
It doesn't always work that way.
If you pursue a detrimental program for weight loss, you might end up losing muscle mass without significantly decreasing your body's fat content.
The body's metabolism is geared to conserve energy and store up reserves to safeguard the system against deprivation in the future.
A weight loss program that is based on near-starvation dieting can tilt the metabolic balance in the wrong direction.
As a result, your body will tenaciously cling on to fat cells, letting muscle be broken down into glucose to meet immediate needs.
This is the reason why crash diets and fad diets are harmful in the long run.
Your body requires a minimum number of calories to carry out day to day functions.
When you consistently fall below that minimum limit, you set into motion certain counter-productive compensatory mechanisms.
So what are the things you can do to lose weight in a healthy and effective manner? Here are 4 secrets to fat loss that you may not have heard before.
Eat Healthy Food.
Work out the caloric requirement of your body.
It will depend upon how old you are, your height and weight, level of activity and gender.
Weight loss calculators can aid you in this estimation.
Once you know what your ideal calorie count should be, you can create a diet with modest deficit in total calories.
But avoid near-starvation diets which force your body into lock-down mode.
Build Muscle While Losing Fat.
Muscle tissue is excellent for burning off calories.
When you build more muscle bulk, it will help your body burn off the excess fat deposited in adipose tissue.
Just an extra 5 kilograms of muscle will consume 350 to 500 calories per day.
That means your extra muscle will melt away a kilogram of fat every week, even if you do nothing else! That's why strength training is such an important component of most fat loss workouts.
Eat More Protein.
Proteins are the building blocks of muscle.
Aim to include proteins in every meal you eat.
One gram of protein for every pound in body weight makes for an ideal target to shoot at.
Nitrogen in protein will assist muscle growth and healing.
They also consume more calories during the digestion process, which means 100 calories of dietary protein takes up 30 calories in digestion itself.
Do Cardio Exercises.
There are many ways to burn off calories like cycling, jogging, running, dancing, walking, aerobic exercise, swimming, jumping rope, yoga, or Pilates.
Pick any form of cardio exercise that you enjoy and will continue doing regularly.
If you're bored to exercise all by yourself, join a group of other fitness enthusiasts which will help you stay motivated.
Doing your favorite exercises along with a group of people will make it fun.

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