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Unleash The Incredible Connecting Power of Video Marketing!

Imagine people with credit cards in hand, sitting at the computer looking for a solution and although you have the solution, you miss out on helping the client because they cannot find you through all of the noise on the internet.
There is an easy way to solve this problem, to get you to the top of the search engines and keep you there for a long time.
Let's look at some stats just to drive home why you absolutely, positively have got to have video marketing as a pillar in your promotional system; consider this: 1.
There are over 2 billion internet connected computers 2.
There are almost 6 billion mobile phones in use across the globe 3.
Eighty percent (80%) of the populated planet has either internet and or mobile phone access 4.
Facebook traffic exceeded Google traffic for the first time in 2011 5.
One in every nine people on the planet have an active Facebook account 6.
Twitter has nearly 300 million user accounts 7.
Sixty nine (69%) of consumers say they are more likely to work with a local small business that they can find on a social networking site.
Over 136 million people view videos on YouTube and billions are viewed daily in the USA.
Clearly customers want to connect with businesses, they want your help and they are willing to pay for as long as you can show them all of the value you are going to bring to their experience with you as you are engaging their senses.
Additionally, video marketing is so important because video is the medium that carries your message to your intended audience and the beauty is that it's no longer just a one-way message! It's about deepening your relationship with your list.
People can comment on your YouTube video, they can add it to their blogs, and even write directly back to you in text and with video response submissions! You can also build out your network in video sharing sites.
If you post video content consistently and frequently, over time, people will subscribe to your channel and be immediately notified when you upload new videos.
Participating in video marketing can be a way of creating real connections with real customers, and people on your list will remember your message if you do these three simple things when communicating with them: inform, inspire and entertain them.
Do those things and you'll have a captivated, engaged audience for life.

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