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Women - The New Power Demographic

21st Century Statistics for Women in Business: "Be proud of how far we have come, but stay the course, with how much further we have to go".
- Women comprise 46.
5% of the total US labor force - Women are projected to account for 49% of the total labor force, 2006-2016 - Women accounted for 51% of all workers in high paying management, professional occupations.
- Women are starting businesses 2 to 1 over other ethnic groups.
- Women owned firms(50% or more) account for 40% of all privately held firms.
- 10.
1 million firms are owned by women (50% or more) - Women owned businesses are Employing 13 million people - Women owned businesses represent 1.
9 trillion in sales.
- *Dept of Labor Statistics,SBA office of Women's Business Ownership Women Are Handling Recession Better Than Men: Women-led businesses are surviving the recession better than most other businesses, according to a recent study by Florida International University's Center for Leadership and The Commonwealth Institute South Florida.
Here are some of the reasons from that study? - They are taking on less debt.
- They are coping with the economic downturn by looking for new opportunities.
- They are strengthening relationships with customers and vendors.
- Women form strategic partnerships and create new divisions to bring in new business.
- Women leaders are self-motivated, well educated and passionate about their business and they are optimistic What does this mean? Ken Gronbach, best selling author of The Age Curve discusses generational groups and their prominence with regard impacting business, social and political trends.
He includes Women and Hispanics as key subgroups to the Silents, Baby Boomers Gen X, Gen Y.
Woman are fast becoming "influentials", a power block, that cannot be ignored and is considered "coveted".
Lessons from My Career Transition Success Story: - It's never too late to transition.
- Don't be afraid of change.
- Believe in who you are.
- Believe in the value of what you do.
- Set yourself up to be successful.
- Do whatever it takes to succeed in today's new business economy.
"Be conscious in this world.
" Alice Waters

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