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Criteria For Using social Games to Promote Business

  • It's always beneficial to first go for a free trial for youer service which could be a video you want the online users to watch or any survey you wish to take up. Offer wall is a good option in this regard.
  • In-game placement is a lucrative option for the retailers. It promises greater utility. These placements provide an opportunity to advertise your brands / business through banners and bill-boards inside the game itself. In game placements help you in two ways-                                                                                 - First, it is a promotion where the consumer is benefited. He earns free credits, coins or virtual goods for playing the games successfully which he can use for himself.                                                                                                                 - Secondly, your brand reaches the consumers faster and with greater effect.
  • Next comes, the clarity of your message you wish to convey to the consumers. The instructions should be clear and easy to follow in order to engage the customers' attention.
  • There are loads of advertisers using social games to promote their business. Hence your advertisement should be innovative, interesting and good enough to stand out. Play with your creativity and imagination to make your brand name the talk of the town.
  • The value of your offer must be highlighted. Customers will throng at your site once they know for sure what their gain in the bargain is!
  • Team up with the game developers. Insert your brand name in the game site. Let the virtual goods in the games reflect your brand items such as clothes, accessories, shoes, sports wear, fashion wear, food items etc.
  • If you are still not satisfied and feel that something is missing then why not develop your own branded game? It's a brilliant option for maximum exposure of your brand to the target consumers and gives you a sense of freedom. Here you are the king of your entire business transactions. You can create your game the way you want. Multiple agencies help you develop a tailor-made game exclusively for your company. You may introduce intriguing quizzes, games and lot more interactive fun-filled activities. This way the consumers get an open chance to know your brand, your company without any distractions..

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