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On Being Aware of the Causalities That Merge With Your Life

When you are born, you are surrounded by the universal causations that even constituted the possibility of your existence.
Such casualties as where every individual is located on the platform of this planetary reality, in what condition the nature around you is, the nature of you receiving energy from the basic element of oxygen and variety of different energetic molecules, the representational reality the culture you are born to and the values you adopt from it, and other this kind of casualties constitute your very own existence, and they all merge to your awareness and to the properties of your body.
The lives of every individual are continuums and they experience it in this manner just as you do, but as casualties, you meet them in a fragmented fashion.
Although everything we experience are the forces of the continuum of this universe separated to different forms of energy, your awareness divides these into fragmented experiences, that merge with your life, and none can separate herself from the continuum of universal casualties.
Knowledge and truths are what constitute partially our existence, and their existence are universal for anyone to acquire, but your heart will always be individual.
Your body is formed from the same kind of energy of the continuum of the cosmos as other's body and forms of life are, but your soul will always be individual, and although you meet others of your kind, this is your life and path to be; do not submit yourself to any other but yourself, for you can, if you are a realist, only follow yourself.
It is wisdom that you be guided by those who are specialized, but only to the point where you learn to walk on the path; she is not a teacher who does not teach the apprentice to become self-sufficient.
As you are bound to meet other psyches of your kind and every time casualties that can merge with each other meet, they affect to each other.
The casualties that led to the creation of this article now merge with you, but all the reactions that emerge from your body are your own; you cannot separate the reactions of your body to vacuums, nor can you say that it was my consciousness in your body that observed these writings and made realizations in your form.
Thus the reactions of your body are the forces and forms of energy that compose you, and you should accept them as natural phenomena in all their forms.
Nothing unnatural exists in you, and all that can happen in the cosmos are natural phenomena, even the realm of superstition.
The moment when a freedom is denied from you, you become damaged; the moment when someone asks you to deny something from yourself from manifesting, it is as to ask to cut a finger from your body; learn also how to think for your own advantages.
Finally, the casualties that constitute your existence the most, are the universal casualties of the cosmos and the laws of nature, the properties of this body as a form of existence, the form the culture around you is built, the knowledge that you can gain from the environment, the other individuals you meet, the infrastructure and the system of justice you choose to be the societal law that governs your choices of right and wrong.

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