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Dieting With a Big E

Whatever the reason is for wanting to shake off some weight, whether you want to lose only a few inches and pounds or you want to start living a healthy and long life, we can all agree that the actual dieting is not something that we look forward to.
Most people can relate when I say that losing weight is far from easy.
I have been to the ups and downs of dieting, through exercise and back.
But always, I crawl back to frustration which will eventually ruin my commitment to losing weight.
I have tried drastic measures once just to achieve the weight I have always wanted but that only put my health at risk.
I have taken baby steps but it is agonizing to wait for the results.
Through the years of trying every diet plan introduced, I have learned some methods that are both effective and safe, not to mention, easy! The best part in being exposed to the dieting world is the many things you can pick up.
There are countless methods and diet plans being introduced and there are a lot more breakthroughs to come.
Most of these diet plans claim to be effective but they are not easy to execute.
Recently though, I have stumbled upon easy weight reducing tips online.
Being the internet savvy that I am, I found a website called The Diet Solution.
I have started adapting some of these easy weight reducing tips such as the water diet.
And I'm glad to say that water has now become my best friend.
I treat myself to a glass of cool water from the moment I wake up in the morning.
Not only does it help get rid of the toxins in the body but its filling effect helps me eat less.
One of the more interesting easy weight reducing tips I picked up from the site is the plotted meal schedule.
With this, I have to set fixed time for every meal.
I only eat at those specified time.
At first, I thought I could not avoid taking snacks in between meals but this trick really helped me out.
And at the rare times that I do treat myself to a little snack, I only eat fruits.
Gradually, I can feel my body adapting to this practice.
I have only lost a few pounds for at least two weeks now.
But I am not even frustrated.
I still eat.
I don't starve.
So, I am feeling good about this new found easy weight reducing tips.
The change may not be as fast but at least I am not stuck with bland and boring food.
I think this is what makes it easy.
The best part of my dieting is now that I have adapted, I don't even feel like dieting is a punishment anymore.
I'm doing this not only to get thinner but the more important thing is I'm doing it for my health.
And I can't wait to tell my friends at the gym!

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