Loading Dies

    • Loading dies for the .375 Winchester are readily available. Dies are offered by well known reloading companies such as Lee, RCBS, and Hornady and can also be purchased used at gun shows, on-line auction sites, and other retailers.


    • New brass is offered for sale by Winchester for reloading the .375 Winchester. It also loads factory ammunition for the .375 Winchester which may be an easier to locate source of brass in some areas of the country.

    Jacketed Bullets

    • There are numerous .375 bullets on the market that will work for the .375 Winchester, but only a limited number of flat nosed bullets are offered that can be used safely in tubular magazines.

    Cast Bullets

    • Using cast bullets is another option for reloaders. Cast bullets can be purchased, but buying a mold and making bullets is the more economical. Bullet molds are offered for the .375 Winchester by a number of manufacturers.

    Powders and Primers

    • Powders and primers used in the .375 Winchester are also used in other cartridges, making powder and primers an easy component to locate. Winchester 748 is a ball powder that works well in powder measures and might be a good powder to start with when working up a load.

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