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How to Decorate With a Neutral Palette

    • 1). Look at paint samples to get an idea of the different muted shades and earth tones and how they complement each other. Color samples are available at any retail store that carries interior and exterior paint. Select the neutral colors that most appeal to you as your starting point.

    • 2). Understand the undertones of the neutrals you choose in order to combine colors with matching undertones. Different neutrals have blue, green, yellow or pink undertones. For example, combining a white with a cool undertone with a warm white can destroy the harmonious look.

    • 3). Include some dark neutrals in your room. Even though it is a neutral palette, everything should not be the same color. The contrast provided by a chocolate brown, black or steel gray adds a feeling of depth and imparts a feeling of subdued elegance.

    • 4). Incorporate a variety of textures and patterns to enhance the dramatic look and feel of the room. Contrast smooth, such as ceramic tile, with rough, such as slate. Contrast silky fabrics with nubby textures and consider adding metal or glass which has a reflective, clean quality and imparts a sleek look.

    • 5). Add a touch of muted color as an element of interest. Resist bold, shocking colors since your goal is to create a calming atmosphere. Look instead for colors such as muted burgundy that will enhance the relaxed feeling in the room.

    • 6). Keep the overall look simple and uncluttered. Use a few large items as opposed to many small items that tend to create a messy appearance. Remove everything from the area that is not necessary, since your goal is to create a relaxed feeling in the room.

    • 7). Add greenery to the area to bring life and a dash of color to the atmosphere.

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