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Piano For Beginners - An Easy Way to Play!

Ah the piano.
So beautiful So elegant and wistful.
But you can't play it for the life of you.
At least not yet.
Piano for beginners has always been a somewhat difficult path.
Here's what I mean.
The hopeful student looks for a local teacher and asks about styles, rates, etc.
Then the first meeting approaches.
You see your teacher and wonder just exactly what you're going to learn.
Most likely, you will be encouraged to play in a classical style.
This means learning how to read music.
It also means spending years and years learning how to play the classics.
A noble goal and one pursued by thousands every year.
But what if there were an easy way to begin your piano studies? There is.
And it has everything to do with learning a chord-based approach first! What's that you ask? Simple.
Chords are used to make music on the piano.
Once you learn how to finger a few chords, you can make music.
And not just the music written centuries ago.
You can actually create your very own unique music! What a difference that is.
No longer "tied to the page" so to speak, the student who learns how to play chords on the piano is light-years ahead of his note-reading counterpart.
How? Because by learning how to play chords, you learn theory.
 Once you learn a little theory, there really is no end to what you can play on piano.
I'm a big fan of the New Age style.
Here, you can actually play piano right away.
And with both hands using chords! It's exciting because a complete beginner can place fingers to keys and begin the act of creative playing.
Improvisation - the art of spontaneous invention is also a possibility for the complete beginner.
That's right! Piano for beginners does not have to be hard and monotonous.
On the contrary, it can be quite liberating!

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