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Jump Higher Exercises That Make You Fly in No Time

You learned how to jump when you were a little kid.
You have learned how to develop and maintain that jump by doing simple exercises.
But how do you jump higher? There are several different exercises that you can incorporate to jump higher.
When used properly, these exercises are very beneficial.
Because strong muscles are the sole requirement for jumping higher, certain exercises are performed for enhancing this skill.
Special exercises called plyometrics are used by many athletes in order to maintain their jumps.
Of course you can always utilize lifting weights, doing strength training regimens and using jumping techniques.
The more you do, the higher success rate you will get.
There are tons of exercises and drills out there that you can use to help you jump higher.
However, the most popular and effective are meant to improve any aspect of your vertical leap and result in your jumping higher.
First, look into doing toe raises.
You can perform them as they are meant to be done, or you can add weights to the mix.
In doing the toe raises, you should feel a stretch in your calves and thighs.
When you use weights, be sure to start off with something small and gradually build your tolerance up.
Try to change out your weights weekly.
Knee bends and knee bend jumps prepare your body a little more because you are actually mimicking a jumping movement.
Remember not to bend your knees to more than they are used to bending or else serious injury could occur.
One of the most effective exercises used to jump higher is to start jump roping.
You loved it as a kid, now get some use out of it as an adult.
Jump roping can be done anywhere at anytime.
As an added bonus, they are fairly priced so you are not spending a lot of money on something that will get you great results.
Jump as many times as you can and increase the speed of the rope as you jump.
This way, you are also getting in a good cardio workout.
Performing crunches work really great for your jump.
It doesn't seem like they should, but by doing crunches you are strengthening your back muscles.
Your back muscles are a major player in helping you jump higher in the air.
Start by doing at least 25-30 crunches every other day or so, and increase your numbers weekly.
These exercises are great, but if you really want to jump higher, you should look into plyometric exercises.
Think cone drills, box jumps and lunges.
Set up about five or six cones in a row and skip sideways over them.
Repeat this twice and then do the same thing with only one leg.
Alternate between legs of course.
Set up five or six boxes in a row and jump with both your feet over them, landing shortly in between and then over the next one.
You want fast and twitchy jumps.
Switch up to doing the exercise with only one leg as well.
They are done to specifically target your leg and back muscles.
They also increase your body's responsiveness.
Plyometrics involve movements that contract the muscles.
An almost immediate sensation follows to relax the muscles.
There are also several plyometric exercises you can do with weights too.
By incorporating these exercises into a regular workout, you are tremendously improving your jump.
These workouts need to include exercises that focus on strengthening the abdomen, the back, and the legs.
These muscles generate the power needed to jump high.
Increasing your body's flexibility will also help you jump higher.
You won't get very far taking a huge jump with tight muscles.
Happy jumping!

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