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Eight Exciting Activities for Couples: Why Adrenaline Brings Us Closer

There's a reason why action movies often include a scene where the tough-as-nails heroine falls into bed with the bad-and-beautiful hero. Let's face it--adrenaline is sexy. And when we go through a harrowing experience with a member of the opposite sex, we often come out of it with a strong bond of mutual attraction. Maybe it's because we cling so strongly to each other when we feel threatened--maybe it's an evolutionary response. But whatever the reason, it's true that the more exciting the activity, the more attractive you'll find the person you're doing it with.

Which is why the same old dinner-and-a-movie dating scenario needs some revising. Forget meeting for coffee, heading out to a restaurant, or taking a walk in the park. If you really want to make a connection, here are a few thrilling activities that will jump-start any relationship.

Idea #1: The bungee jump. Nothing gets your heart rate going like strapping a rubber cord to your ankles and jumping off a high bridge or tower. Bungee jumping might look scary, but it's actually quite safe when done with an experienced instructor in a controlled environment. One thing's for sure--your love interest isn't likely to forget this first date anytime soon.

Idea #2: The tandem skydive. Want a love life like an action hero's? Then take your love interest skydiving. You will be jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet--but not to worry. Unlike in the movies, where there's likely to be a sky full of enemy fire to fall through, your first skydiving experience will be easy as well as fun. With a tandem skydive, you're strapped to an experienced instructor. You'll feel the thrills of free-fall before your instructor opens the parachute and sends you drifting peacefully back to earth. Round out the day with dinner--chances are you'll have a lot to talk about--and a movie. An action movie.

Idea #3: Paintball. Nothing forges a romantic bond like working as a team against a common enemy. Paintball is a great date activity--it gives you lots of time to interact in an exciting, thrilling environment. Show off for your date by courageously storming the fort, or impress your love interest with your deadly sniper skills. Paintball is an addictive sport full of heart-pounding adventure, and a perfect way to spend a thrillingly romantic afternoon.

Idea #4: White water rafting. It's a classic survival-movie scenario--you're drifting peacefully down the river in your inflatable raft, when suddenly you hit rapids! You're tossed between deadly boulders and thrown over swirling waterfalls--but you handle the rapids like a pro, getting yourself and your starry-eyed love interest safely back to shore. With a white-water rafting experience, you'll have all the heart-pounding excitement without the real danger.

Idea #5: Jet-skiing. It's been called a motorcycle on water. It's exciting, thrilling, and sexy--and it's been featured in action movies all over the world. What better way to rev up a relationship than on a jet ski? Rent one at your local waterfront or sign up for a jet ski tour of the coast. Jet skis are perfect for a date--you can fit two to a machine, and you get to wear a bathing suit!

Idea #6: Powerboating. There's a reason why powerboats are featured in so many James Bond films--they're sleek, powerful, and devastatingly attractive. There's no question that speed is sexy--which is what makes powerboating such a romantic activity. Powerboats can be rented for a few hours to a whole day, and your date will love the thrill of speeding across the surface of the water at your side.

Idea #7: Horseback riding. It's hard to think of any image more romantic than the handsome hero riding into the sunset. Our most traditional romantic images and stories include horses, because they were such an important part of life in times gone by. Maybe that's why horseback riding on a windswept beach or down a sun-dappled trail is a perfect date activity--even today.

Idea #8: Mountain biking. There's nothing sexier than getting a bit messy with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Take a mountain bike for a spin, get a bit mud-spattered, and let your hair down for a day. This activity is great exercise, sure to get your heart pounding and give you both a date to remember.

So next time you have a date to plan, keep in mind that there's nothing like the thrill of an exciting activity to bring two people closer. Don't hesitate to schedule a relaxing candlelight dinner after an action-packed day--chances are you'll both be in the mood for romance.

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