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Depression Treatments To Look Out For

When diagnosed with clinical depression, some people choose not to take medication. Some are worried that they will feel sedated and walk through the rest of their lives in a zombie like state; others fear the possibility of addiction. Some just simply don't want to give up their nightly glass of wine and fear that mixing it with medication could bring on problems, which it could. Whatever the reasons, they do have the choice of alternative depression treatments, though in many cases it might take longer to see results. Some people would like to get to the bottom of their feelings and decide to see a therapist. No matter if they are taking medication or going with alternative treatment forms, results are always better when the patient simultaneously gets therapy.

Though natural depression treatments such as herbs and plant extracts have been tested on subjects with depression and proved to have positive results, they are not FDA approved. The patient should investigate each product before taking it and make sure of the side effects. These are very rare and usually tolerable, but could cause serious problems if the patient has other physical conditions.

St. Johns Wort is the most used natural depression treatments. Upon testing on subjects with depression, positive results were noted as early as 2 weeks after starting. In fact, it was shown to be just as effective as the leading prescription drug for depression. It had best results on mild to moderate depression, but was shown not to have any effect on severe cases of depression. St. John's Wort can be harmful if it is taken in combination with other medication, so the patient should make sure he informs himself well and tells his physician about any other physical ailments that he has. Though side effects are rare, some patients report dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, nausea, diahrrea and sensitivity to light.

Valerian Root is most commonly used to treat sleeping disorders that depressive people can experience. It has been proven that it reduces anxiety and stress and improves the quality of sleep. Some people experience digestive problems if they use it for a long period of time and some build up a resistance to its sedative quality and get the opposite result. Instead of feeling sedated, they feel stimulated.

Also, creating a positive attitude is one of the more effective prevention and depression treatments. A sense of humor, optimism and a positive attitude can break through the worst cases of depression. Humor releases substances into the blood that relax the body and mind. Whereas a positive and optimistic attitude creates a clear mind devoid of unnecessary worries and anxieties. This makes it easy to differentiate between the present and what is being imported from the past.

It is also important to take note of every thought that crosses the mind. This requires a bit of mental and conscious effort, especially at the outset. However, it will be worth the stress. Taking stock of every thought that comes to mind enables you to thrash out necessary mental assignments and discard irrelevant thoughts instead of allowing them to clog the mind, causing anxiety, unnecessary worry and then depression.

Ayurveda treatments make use of the herbs to cure depression. As herbs are extremely good for health, the possibilities of side effects are ruled out. "Vacha Rasayana" is one of the best medicines used to cure depression. It contains many herbs that are vital for mental harmony and peace of mind.

Nutritional food. Poor eating could lead to depression as well. It is important to take foods that are rich in proteins and nutrients. Few foods used for curing depression are; namely, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, raw almonds, mixed dried nuts and fruits, sprouts and egg. All the food mentioned above rich in nutrients and making use of them will help to reduce depression to great extent.

The above-mentioned alternative depression treatments are cheaper in cost and do not provide any side effects. Make use of them to live healthy and happy life.

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